Heart To Release Biopic

During an interview on SiriusXM’s show, “Volume West”, Heart’s lead singer, Ann Wilson, confirmed that a Heart biopic is “in the works”.

The biopic is being written and directed by Portlandia star and founding member of the band Sleater-Kinney, Carrie Brownstein. According to WMMO, Ann Wilson is working with Amazon and Sleepless In Seattle producer, Linda Obst. As for the story, it covers the Heart sisters Ann and Nancy’s life from childhood through the 90′s. Ann added, “I saw the first draft of the script, it’s really cool.” Although no actors have signed on to the project yet, Anne Hathaway has expressed interest in portraying Ann Wilson in the movie, but according to Ann, she “isn’t exactly right for it.”.

The project is currently in development and no title or release date has been set.

Photos courtesy of heart-music.com