Vocal powerhouse Malia Civetz gives listeners a taste of pop’s future with her debut EP, The Flip, on Warner Records. In addition to previously unheard songs, the six-song set includes three fan favorites: “Broke Boy, which is approaching 7 million streams after appearing in HBO Max’s Unpregnant; the infectiously no-nonsense “Disrespectful,” and Civetz’ latest slinky share, “Love Thing, featuring Yung Baby Tate. Get The Flip EP HERE.

Across The FlipCivetz paints an honest picture of life as a twentysomething in 2020, and leans into her philosophy of examining the world from different angles, which is summed up by the EP’s title. “Whenever I approach an idea or a perspective, I try to flip it and see how I can find a new way to look at it,” she says. Like on “Broke Boy, an ode to a man whose bedroom prowess is way more valuable than his bank account. “There are so many songs that are like, ‘I don’t fuck with you unless you’re rich,’”Civetz says. “But what if you miss out on a really good person?”

Civetz co-wrote “Broke Boy” and other songs on the EP with her longtime collaborators and so-called “songwriting dads” Ross Golan [Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande] and J Kash [Maroon 5, Charlie Puth]. She’s worked with the pair since signing to their label, Friends With Pens, which released her “Champagne Clouds” single in 2017. Other The Flip contributors include JR Rotem and Alesso. A force unto herself, Civetz has cultivated a distinct candor that enables tracks like the swirling quarter-life crisis chronicle “25” and the sparkling vocal showcase on “The High” to simultaneously possess both the splendor of pop classics and the intimacy of diary entries. Check out the full tracklist below.  

So far, Civetz‘s sex-positive, self-affirming spin on infectious, soul-inspired pop has garnered her notice from Taylor Swift and Ryan Seacrest, as well as an opening slot on JoJo’s 2018 Leaks, Covers & Mixtapes Tour. With The Flip, she’s bringing her message to everyone. “I realized my mission has always been to be someone’s happy place when the world is as nasty as it can be,” says Civetz“If I can make music that can, for four minutes, take your mind off things enough so that when you come back to reality, you’re a stronger person—that’s all I want to do.” 


Photo Credit: Dennis Leupold