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February 15

Enter to win ‘hopefulROMANTIC’ from Matt Zarley!

Enter to win hopefulROMANTIC, the brand-new album from OutMusic Award-winning singer/songwriter, MATT ZARLEY!   For your chance to win a copy, Comment below with #hopefulROMANTIC.” Winners will be chosen at random, Saturday, Feb. 21 at 12pm ET. hopefulROMANTIC is available as a pop album featuring original versions of each song, and a soundtrack to the short film of the same name with new arrangements of each track […]

February 05

Enter to win “Somebody 4 Everybody” remix CDs from Matt Zarley!

“Somebody 4 Everybody,” the brand-new dance single from OutMusic Award-winning singer/songwriter MATT ZARLEY ft. Mark Picchiotti is available now! The song will appear on the forthcoming album Hopeful Romantic. Special “Somebody 4 Everybody” remix CDs include the original track plus remixes by Moto Blanco, Mark Picchiotti and Basstoy!   For a chance to win a […]