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February 13

Two Date Maximum

Dating can be a bitch – especially around Valentine’s Day. It can also be like a comedy club with a two drink minimum. If you’re able to spot the red flags within one to two dates you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of grief and weed out the not-so potential suitors Inspired by […]

November 20

30 Reasons I’m Thankful to Be a Gay Man

1.) Sex & The City. 2.) An innate sense of style. 3.) The interior decorator gene. There’s no excuse for shitty décor; walking into a home that looks like a 70’s thrift store or college dorm or Urban Outfitters is not “vintage,” it’s disturbing. 4.) My home state of Illinois becoming the 16th state to […]

August 23

Two Strikes, You’re Out

It had been a few weeks and things were going well with Cliff and I. It was a new beginning. He was everything I remembered; open-hearted, sweet, funny and he even embraced my love of Sex and the City. Too good to be true, right? One day while at work, I received a distraught call […]