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May 23

Fringe Review: Shut Up, Emily Dickinson

A tongue in cheek comedy about loneliness, mental illness and perception Shut Up, Emily Dickinson is true poetic comedy. A pseudo-historical, quasi-biographical, psycho-romantic comedic sketch look at the life of – as O’Debra’s script puts it – “the most annoying person ever.” Reclusive, cooky, death-obsessed Emily Dickinson, played by Tanya O’Debra, unsuccessfully woos the object […]

May 23

Fringe Review: Little Miss Fringe Festival

Jeff Jones returns for the crowning of the 2nd Annual Little Miss Fringe Festival. No, “Little Miss Fringe Festival” is NOT a real pageant. The seven year old girls and their mothers are played by a rotating cast of Orlando‘s funniest performers. In the show, world-famous toddler pageant creator Lionel Del Frisco (Jones) hosts America‘s […]

May 21

Fringe Review: Celebrity Match Game: The Musical(And A Game Show)

Sometimes even the best art benefits from reinvention…but as they say, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ In Michael Wanzie’s latest incantation – a reworked version of last year’s award-winning Celebrity Match Game – Celebrity Match Game: The Musical (And a Game Show), a lot of music, a bit of game show and little […]

May 20

Fringe Review: God is a Scottish Drag Queen

What if God was a hairy-legged, barefoot, Scottish drag-queen comedian in a floral business suit with a drinking problem? Writer and performer Michael Delamont answers that question with God is a Scottish Drag Queen.   Think Mrs. Doubtfire crossed with Dame Edna. In this original, side-splitting stand-up act, you’ll learn that God has a biting […]

May 20

Fringe Review: Circle

In this touching, raw look at real-life relationships, Christel Bartelse (Significant Me) and Bob Brader expertly portray four characters each in eight duets that truly comes full-circle. Circle is a daisy chain of open relationships, affairs, BDSM, sexuality, babies and lies that is funny, poignant, and honest. While the chemistry between the characters being portrayed […]

May 20

Fringe Review: A Field Guide To The Gays

Biting, Ballsy and illuminative, A Field Guide to the Gays is a true class act. Professor Logan Donahoo offers a class in Gay 101 with a lot of heart and a lot of “T.” Writer and performer Donahoo serves up a literal salad bar of gay-dom. It’s a history lesson, a vocabulary lesson, it’s interactive […]

May 18

Fringe Review: 4 Truths & a Lie

Since 2010, this sketch has been charming and delighting audiences. In this abridged version of the hit L.A. show, five storytellers are asked to tell a short story from their lives based on a theme given them. The catch: one of the storytellers is lying through their pretty little teeth. At the end of the […]

May 18

Fringe Review: Miss Inner Beauty

With Miss Inner Beauty, Writer/Director Sheli Nathan-Miller makes her Fringe debut, bringing you into the pun-filled pageant world of three inner-beautiful women. Contestants are judged on the beauty they have way, way…way deep down. “These beauties have been working their inner tushies off,” listless personality-less host Sheli says. The three unique ladies include Josefina, who […]

May 16

Fringe Review: Urban Hermit

Rachel Nelson takes you on a cross-country trip through interpretive Lilith Fair-style story-telling. This intimate one-woman show, told through wasp-y vocals and multi-faceted instrumentals, lets you into Nelson’s journey from being a self-proclaimed pot-smoking, boozing “urban hermit” to finding a balance through music to deal with her social anxiety and finding confidence through street busking. […]

May 16

Fringe Review: Blue & Tod: In The Black

I wish all cabaret was this riotous. Who knew Pearl Jam and Muse could be turned cabaret? Or am I at a negro spiritual? Orlando Fringe Festival icons Blue and Tod Kimbro are back In The Black. The lively duo enraptures their audience with their literal adaptation of “Black Cabaret;” black back-up singers, band, songs […]