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September 28

Damsel (Not) In Distress: Singer, The Damsl Speaks Surviving Abuse, Pride and Her Debut EP

Midwest-born, The Damsl, a former Ford model and actress, is quickly becoming a pop powerhouse. Her songs have appeared in major campaigns for companies like Volvo, and on MTV and VH1. Her debut single “StraitJacket” offers up an electric, high-energy, EDM sound, but at the same time addresses issues of self-identity, overcoming past struggles and […]

July 24

After the Black Eye Has Healed

So, let’s say you escaped what could’ve been an even bigger disaster of a relationship than Rihanna and Chris Brown. Now all you have to do is deal with piecing yourself back together. Sure, there’s always the break-up rituals we all have but when you’ve been physically and mentally reduced to nothing, there’s even more […]

July 10

Does This Black Eye Make Me Look Fat?

Fire Down Below answers questions like, Ever cracked your head open during sex? Ever gotten an STD & the person who gave it to you denied it? Dating an abusive man? Tired of all the games involved with dating? Not sure if you should do a threesome? Read how I dealt with these & many other issues most people don’t talk about. You’ll laugh, you’ll tear up, you’ll want to take a shower. Think Sex & The City meets Roseanne.