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May 22

Games People Play

I’ve always been attracted to older men. Maybe it was because they seemed more traveled and have had more life experiences. They seemed to have their life together. And that was exactly one of the reasons I began to fall for Jim. But how dangerous is an open heart? Within a few months, Jim and […]

May 18

Is it Better to Follow Your Heart or Your Head?

I was halfway through my first year as a Journalism major at Columbia (College, not University) when I realized that being a starving artist was so out this season. I decided I’d better find a job…If not to pay the rent but to support my cigarette, Starbucks & shoe addictions. I headed to the heart […]

May 10

Fire Down Below: Beginnings

Over the past four years Fire Down Below existed, I’ve had to reflect upon relationships, dating and men from my past. Where did it all begin? I guess I’d have to think back to when I first started dating in my hometown of Chicago. It was 7am as I did my walk of shame home […]