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August 03

Getting Screwed at Work, Part 2

A few months later was the company retreat and party. When the afternoon of the event arose, I was getting ready and pre-drinking in my apartment. I was extremely nervous about having to meet and mingle with all the upper management. I may have been a little preoccupied with my nerves because before I knew […]

July 26

Getting Screwed at Work

Even though Bryant and I didn’t work out, I wasn’t about to lose the networking connection.  After all was said and done, he did work for a Fortune 100 company. Hey, it’s just good business. Fortunately, I had kept the business card of a friend of his, whom I met a few times while Bryant […]

July 12

He’s Just Not That Into Me, Part 2: Drop Dead

Later that week, Bryant and I had our first date. When I arrived at his place, there was music reminiscent of Depeche Mode, one of my favorite bands, playing. I commented on how great it was. “Oh,” he said a little embarrassed, rushing over to the CD player to turn it down. “That’s me.” He’s […]

July 06

He’s Just Not That Into Me

One of the good things about being single is that you have more time to catch up on some quality time with old friends. I was out with my friend, Tim at our regular gay, late night diner. I vented and chain-smoked, while he perused the boys. “So, have you been seeing anyone special?” Tim […]

June 28

Getting Back on the Saddle, Date #3

What’s That Smell? Around that same time, a friend of mine decided to set me up with a friend of his. Even though my friend described Chris as my “type” and even showed me pictures to back it up, I played it smart. We had multiple online and phone chats over the course of a […]

June 21

Getting Back on the Saddle, Date #2

Date #2: Later that week, I decided to look for a date the old-fashioned, tried and true way…the internet. Ok, I didn’t say it was the right way. After searching the personals on my favorite gay dating website and logging on and chatting for hours, I thought I had found a match. His profile seemed […]

June 14

Getting Back in The Saddle

Three dates, three downers. Date #1: Getting out of my dating doldrums, I had agreed to be set up with an acquaintance of my best friend, Dan’s at Sidetrack. Hesitant, hoping for the best and expecting the worst, I still went. I walked up to see Dan standing next to an attractive, buff, brunette, with […]

June 07

The Break-Up Rules

Let’s say the bottom has fallen out of yet another meaningful relationship. How do you handle the heartbreak? There is no way to sugar-coat it. Getting your heart broken sucks. It hurts. Hell, it hurts a lot. It feels like someone managed to rip your heart out with a set of rusty garden tools, leaving […]

May 31

Gay Days Tips

Just in time for Gay Days, I thought I’d share some quick survival tips/things to be on the look-out for while out and about during this gay weekend and just everyday husband hunting… •If you meet a shaved/hairless guy, you’ve just encountered a “seal.” •If you meet a man wearing anything with “AE(American Eagle),” Aeropostale […]

May 28

When the Bottom Falls Out

In a small city, the odds of running into the one who broke your heart are incredibly high. The odds of running into him when you look like hell are even higher. Walking back to my apartment on a Saturday morning after grabbing my coffee, Marlboros and newspaper was always a regular ritual. Never worrying […]