Indie Artist Minute Taker Covers Pet Shop Boys “Heart”

British singer-songwriter/producer Minute Taker (otherwise known as Ben McGarvey) takes on Pet Shop Boys’s “Heart”. Recorded live in a big empty hall McGarvey utilized piano, glockenspiel, synthesizer, drum and claps, and a loop pedal to build it up all the layers.

Inspired by artists like Kate Bush, Tori Amos, David Bowie & long walks with his dog in the otherworldly Pennine hills where he lives, Minute Taker uses his small home studio & a whole lot of imagination to craft his nostalgia-fueled, alternative synth-pop songs.

Besides releasing 2 critically acclaimed albums & several EPs, he has recently turned his hand to remixing songs for some of his favourite artists such as Yazoo & Erasure (released on Mute/BMG UK) and has created imaginative cover versions of classic songs by Kate Bush, Eurythmics, Madonna, Bjork, The Smiths & Pet Shop Boys. Check them out here!

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