Acclaimed Short Film ‘Stalls’ Now Available to Watch for Free on YouTube and Vimeo

Stalls, the acclaimed short film written and directed by openly gay Brazilian auteur João Dall’stella, is now available to watch for free on YouTube and Vimeo after playing at over 40 LGBTQ+ film festivals worldwide, most recently at Outfest 2020. 

Stalls is an exciting depiction of one man’s cruising adventure in the restroom of an opera house. In the film, Jonathan goes to the restroom, opens its golden glory hole and waits for someone to answer. Finally, after tapping his feet in what looks like a tap-dancing sequence he is able to find another man willing to give him what he wants. 

Dall’stella, who based the film on some of his own experiences, says: “As a director my goal is to make audiences feel exactly what I was feeling at that moment. ‘Stalls’ accomplishes that when time stops for a tap-dancing sequence and when the main character is so eager to get what he wants that he forgets what else is left in the world. The film is a celebration of sexuality and a way audiences can discover a whole new world.”

The short film stars Andrew Ableson (The Gymnast, The Polar Express) and Matthew Jain (“General Hospital”), and is produced by Marc Tarczali and Thayer Juergens. Aakash Raj serves as cinematographer and Travis Stewart as editor. The short was filmed in Warner Grand Theatre in California in the same bathroom where Madonna famously shot part of her infamous book Sex

Stalls is now available for free on YouTube and Vimeo