The long awaited fourth studio album, ‘I Can Feel You Forgetting Me,’ – from Neon Trees is AVAILABLE NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS HERE – via Thrill Forever. With over 750 million streams and preceded by Alternative Radio hit ‘Used to Like’ and followed up by the infectious ‘New Best Friend with most recently, the heartbreak anthem ‘Nights’, the album explores a myriad of introspective themes across isolation, personal relationships, self-discovery and fulfillment set to the band’s signature sound cast in synth soul and rooted in robust guitars with unforgettable danceable beats.

“Writing this record was extremely cathartic,” shares Tyler Glenn, who penned much of the album over several years from a deep place of reflection.” I had ostensibly moved to LA to work on honing a body of work for this album, but also to get away from a relationship that was haunting me.” Glenn spent much of that year alone, except for the LP’s collaborators. Listeners will hear how much of the lyrics were inspired by personal memories and feelings pulled from Glenn’s experience of being in a codependent relationship he needed resolve from. “I feel like the record encapsulates that journey,” he expounds. “When I started writing I was still in that relationship, and about half way through writing, I had left it. I still feel haunted by it, and just like all codependency, it’s a journey to rid yourself completely of it.”

“Ghosting culture is very much a modern part of how we interact as humans,” continues Glenn on some of the more nuanced issues the album explores. “I have this phone in my hand with 7 or 8 different ways to reach a person, and yet in as many seconds as it takes to block a person, or unfriend them, I can’t reach them anymore. I literally could feel him forgetting me.”

Glenn’s roaring and affirming vocals provide narration on a record that “sounds like one full night of reflection, alone at the bar, walking past the places you’d go with them, texting them when you shouldn’t, and ultimately embracing the idea that no one else can complete you.” The album rounds out with linings of hope, encouraging that “you must find completeness and joy in yourself.”

“I Can Feel You Forgetting Me,” Glenn expresses as he tied up penning this LP, “and maybe that’s the best thing to happen to me so far.” A highly anticipated stream of new art, I Can Feel You Forgetting Me – IS AVAILABLE NOW HERE.


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