Wizard World Chicago | August 22 – 25, 2019

This past weekend, the Stephens Convention Center played host to thousands of pop culture revelers. The weekend was chock full of unique art, cosplay, and even a little celebrity gossip.

We got to visit with Charmed‘s Holly Marie Combs, who revealed a little more about the infamous tweet from last week, where she explained why she would only be appearing for two of the four days of Wizard World. “Charmed fans will not be mad.” We inquired if she could divulge any more details. After a bit of hesitation, Combs stated that she is meeting with her “sisters.” She went on to say that, “after [Wednesday’s announcement,] the [new Charmed] will have to rethink itself.” For those expecting Alyssa, Rose, Holly Marie – or even Shannen to announce that they’ll be appearing on the remake – think again. Combs has refuted any suggestion via her Twitter.

Check out photos from this weekend below: