Rising foursome Exit 21 are pleased to release their new single “Bend Ova” featuring Safaree. Arriving just in time for the summer, the irresistible “Trap-n-B” banger  premiered last month via Rap-Up and is available at DSPs HERE!

Comprised of twin brothers Ron and B-Smoove, cousin Showtime, and childhood best friend Shawn FoxxExit 21is a family affair. Over the past few years, the foursome has morphed from a local phenomenon to international contenders and a disruptive voice in R&B, pop and Hip-Hop. Named after the exit they grew up off of in Long Island, New York, the group turns up the classic R&B group standard set by the likes of Jodeci and Day26 for a new era. Mixed with modern trap production and inspiration from a multitude of genres, the group write irresistible anthems, carry heavenly harmonies, and drop dynamic dance moves like no other.Moreover, they embody a singular spirit and signature style they call Trap-n-B. 
“Bend Ova is the vibe the industry is missing. That fun feel good record that everyone has been waiting for,” – Showtime told Rap-Up.

Bend Ova” follows a myriad of previously released singles from the group, including intoxicatingly smooth ballads like “Slide Thru” and  “Chances” and tracks like “Make U Fall” that define their Trap-n-B sound. With more to come this summer, the guys have built up a sizable following completely independently through the power of good music and superstar-level stage presence. As they’ve built a huge social following, the guys have taken their harmonies and dance skills around the road, including sold-out headlining dates across Europe, buzzing SXSW shows and more. Now, with “Bend Ova” and more new music on the horizon, the group is poised for a huge break-out year in 2019, all while remaining primed to make Long Island proud for a long time to come. 
“We want you to feel motivated when you hear us,” Showtime says. “We want to lift you up. We want to show you anything is possible.”
“We’re just four boys from Long Island,” concludes Shawn Foxx. “We’ve got something to sing about. Everything is real.  If you hear a line in a song, it’s something we went through. We’re giving you the story of our city.” 
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