Mystery Science Theater 3000 Will Return in 2016

In less than two months, the Kickstarter campaign #BringBackMST3K surpassed its $5.5 million goal! That means that, 15 years after its last airing, Mystery Science Theater, complete with Joel, Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo and new guests, will return with 14 episodes on DVD/blu-ray later this year.


Once upon a time, a television series called MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 was born. It debuted on Minneapolis’ KTMA, local television, on Thanksgiving Day 1988 – almost thirty years ago. 

The show had a cult following across a UHF channel, a cable network, cancellation, a feature film, then another cable network. The show lasted for 12 years, two generations of hosts and puppeteers, 2 Emmy nominations and a total of 197 episodes before being canceled again for good in 1999.

Creator Joel Hodgson, along with Shout Factory launched the campaign to bring this campy movie slayer series back to fans in early November 2015. Thanks to legions of fans, the beloved, quotable series has already begun filming earlier this month.

Look for more details and an upcoming release date here.