Synth Pop Artist Color Theory Releases New Single “OBE” & EP

Brian Hazard, the electronic virtuoso behind Color Theory, recently released his latest EP, Adjustments Pt. 3. You can hear it in its entirety at

The first single, “OBE,” offers up a vintage EDM experience. Along with the flowing synth beats and classic piano solos, Hazard has a sound reminiscent of Wolfsheim and Camoflauge, making you wish for dancefloors of yore.

“As a teenager, I was fascinated with astral projection, otherwise known as an “out of body experience” or OBE,” Hazard revealed. “I read and re-read an autobiography called Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe, and truly believed that his adventures were real. Years later, I found out he was sniffing paint thinner at the time. Ah, heroes.”