November 26


Sizzy Rocket Releases New Single w/Scissor Sisters’ Babydaddy

New York City’s Sizzy Rocket recently released the new single “Bad Kids“, a collaboration with Scissor Sisters’ Scott Hoffman (aka Babydaddy), from her forthcoming debut album Thrills, out next Spring on Yebo Music. Sizzy has already built a solid reputation for her work as a songwriter through collaborations with the likes of Diplo, DJ Khalil, Jim Jonsin, Alex Da Kid, Oak and Tiago. She also co-wrote and was featured alongside Run The Jewels on the Flosstradamus track “Don’t Trip.” All the while her own work as an artist and performer had been kept under wraps. With the recent release of a few stand out singles including “Bestie” and “Boy,” the world outside the confines of superstar producers’ studio and songwriting sessions has been exposed to her own fierce blend of 80’s New Wave meets Peaches era Electroclash and Riot Grrrl inspired modern Pop.
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“‘Bad Kids’ is my New York. It’s a Sid Vicious-level angsty punk anthem with a pink pop song bow on top,” explains Sizzy. “I wrote it with Scott Hoffman of the Scissor Sisters and he’s really good at bringing out that Electro Clash, vibrant energy in my music. I’m so comfortable around him in the studio I can talk about hickeys and sex in the backseats of cars, messy teenager shit. ‘Bad Kids’ is about feeling that demon inside of you, that urge to fuck shit up, and knowing you’re not alone because I feel it too.”
Not your archetypal pop star, in a past life Sizzy grew up in Las Vegas where she graduated valedictorian of her high school class. When she wasn’t making grades she was writing, recording and performing around Sin City. She would use that pedigree to gain entry into NYU’s selective Clive Davis School of Music, but a few years into the program she dropped out after her unnatural talent for songwriting vaulted her past the world of final exams and landed her a publishing deal with Universal Music.
While Sizzy’s publishing deal has found her spending the majority of the last four years writing for other artist projects, the focus ultimately shifted to her own. The result is Sizzy’s debut album, Thrills, a throbbing collection of girl power approved songs that are equal parts Pop and Punk with a kitschy wink and nod to 90’s club kids and the sparkle of the ’80s.
Though sonically upbeat and fun, her music is inspired by trauma, by young love gone wrong, by danger, by a darker side. Most pop stars only sing about the fantasy of taking someone home, of getting wrecked, but Sizzy’s whole thing is about exposure. What happens when you exploit the fantasy? What is underneath? It’s something much darker. It becomes visceral and uncomfortable, borderline violent. It’s rock n’ roll.