November 12


Enter to Win ‘Cheers To The Fall’ From Andra Day!


Andra Day has been gifted with a brassy yet alluring voice that is as powerful as it is expressive. The San Diego native attended a performing arts high school while working with various producers to develop   her musical style. When a tape of a live performance found its way to Stevie Wonder, he was blown away and soon introduced her to songwriter-producer Adrian Gurvitz (The Bodyguard). Day and Gurvitz spent the next year working on her debut album with what she calls a “retro-pop-soul” sound (“a blend of jazz, soul, doo-wop, plus a little bit of rock, and hip-hop on the underbelly,” she says) with an alluring, powerful alto that has inspired comparison to Amy Winehouse and Adele.

With a vintage flair and voice for the ages, Andra has been described as “possessed by the ghost of Billie Holiday,” boasting flawless jazz chops that she can apply to her varied musical influences with equal ease. Available in stores now, her debut album Cheers to the Fall is a candid 13-song tale about truth, fearlessness, vulnerability, forgiveness and love and serves as “a biography in the form of soul music.”  Reflecting the LP’s theme of resilience through struggle, the crown jewel of the album is the universally timeless “Rise Up,” which Andra describes as “a song about any type of relationship.” She says, “I look at all of us as brothers and sisters and a body working together. ‘Rise Up’ is saying one piece isn’t better than the other, and when one part is struggling, I’m going to help and lift you up.  I will rise up with you.”

For your chance to win a copy, Comment below with which singer Day is most described as. Winners will be chosen at random Thursday, Nov. 19 at 6pm ET. 



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