September 19


“American Girl” Bonnie McKee Returns With “Bombastic”!

Producer, Singer & Songwriter Bonnie McKee’s new EP BOMBASTIC is out now, featuring the title track “Bombastic.”  

The four-song EP is available now for digital download and streaming via digital subscription services.  Preview the video for the title track “Bombastic” HERE. Directed by David Richardson.

“This is what my art looks like when you remove the filter of a corporate overlord record label… It’s about freedom to be yourself without caring what other people think, it’s about the thrill of the fight, being fearless and empowered, and not apologizing for it! I wrote it when I was feeling kind of frustrated and down, and I needed to remind myself that I am a boss and I have the power to be who I want to be and do what I want to do. And I hope that that is what everyone else takes away from it too! Be bombastic!” McKee says of the song.

With Bombastic, McKee adds elements of rock ‘n’ roll fearlessness to the pop spirit that her millions of fans love and admire. The EP was produced by Sean Walsh and executively produced by Bonnie herself.