Magic City Comic Con | January 15-17, 2016

The Miami Airport Convention Center will host Magic City Comic Con, January 15 – 17, 2016.  Magic City Comic Con is 3 days of fun featuring celebrity guests, comic book creators, voice actors, industry guests, cosplayers, artists, writers, panels, Q&A’s, films & shorts, costume & cosplay contests, vendors, parties, anime, workshops, video gaming and more! We’ve already announced over thirty guests, with dozens more to come over the next few weeks and months.


Some of the big comic book guests we’ve already announced for Magic City Comic Con include: Sara Pichelli (Ultimate Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy), Elliot S. Maggin (Superman, Batman, Justice League of America), Jackson “Butch” Guice (Superman, Doctor Strange, X-Factor, Captain America, The Flash), Jon Bogdanove (Superman: The Man of Steel, Steel, Power Pack, Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men), Rebekah Isaacs (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel & Faith), Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire, Batman, Blue Beetle, Animal Man), David Messina (Angel, True Blood, Star Trek, Infestation, Catwoman), Tula Lotay (Supreme: Blue Rose, The Wicked + The Divine), and Gustavo Duarte (Bizarro, Guardians Team-Up). We’re just starting to announce celebrity guests, and should have some huge announcements in the next few weeks (Doctor Who fans should pay close attention!). 

Visit for the current guest list, ticket info, vendor info, cosplay info, and more!