The Fire Down Below’s Fringe Picks

Now in its 24th year, Orlando International Fringe Festival is an institution, the highlight of the theater year. A defining feature of the Fringe Festival, is all the LGBT acts by local favorites as well as international fare. In fact, Fringe was listed as one of the reasons Advocate voted Orlando one of the gayest city in the nation, calling the annual festival “one of the gayest in the country.” The festival runs May 13 – 26, 2015 at Loch Haven Park. Be sure to check out new shows from some of our returning favorites:


Varietease’s ‘Aqueous’: Not for nothing, but Fringe veteran and burlesque performer Blue always delivers excellence.

Dancer’s Edge Studio’s ‘Shattered Chandelier’: Orlando veteran visionary/choreographer/dancer/producer William Marchante offers up another, surely, eerily enchanting performance.


‘Melvin Wants to Die’: This dark comedy stars one of Orlando’s beloved comedy queens, Angel SoftTishu, ala his male counter part, Stan Pezley.


Logan Donahoo’s ‘A Field Guide to the Gays II’: Donahoo’s Fringe hit returns with a second session. Even if you’re not a “friend of Dorothy,” you’ll love this bitingly honest look at life on the other side of the rainbow.


‘Anne Frankenstein’: Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse meets The Diary of Anne Frank in this tongue-in-cheek, action-packed new play from the, possibly, twisted minds of Adam McCabe and Michael Knight.


‘Massage a Trois’: It’s no secret we adore anything Janine Klein does, so we love that the campy, power-house vocalist is returning to Fringe. In this 3 part show, the three leads will face a wacky epic battle with food, beauty, and the occasional awkward massage.


‘Judy Garland’: The king of comedic improv, Mark Baratelli resurrects “Judy Garland” for a night of gauche singing, dancing, and reminiscing. Last year, the show sold out four times and wasn’t even listed in the program.


‘Streisand: The Greatest Star – Like Buttah!’: Can we talk? The gorgeous Babs returns to Fringe and performs ala the lovely and mega-talented, multi-award winning tribute artist Carla DelVillaggio. The show celebrates Streisand’s iconic catalogue.


‘Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll’: Orlando Fringe, theater vet – and our 2015 Fringe crush – David Lee stars in this provocative one-man show that delves into – well, you can guess.


‘The Lion Queen and the Naked Go Go Cub’: Full-frontal nudity! Need I say more? Ok, ok… This Wanzie revival is a hilarious skewering of Disney. An opulent musical parody of the classic film & Broadway show twisted to depict the birth of the gay rights movement and death of Judy Garland. And did I mention, penis!? Hunky local actor and performer Chris Shepardson plays the “Go Go Cub.”


‘The PeeVira Chronicles: Wedding Whorer Story’: Dark lady PeeVira is getting married. Witness her return to Fringe in a theatrical exploration of penile obsession through abstract scenes/sketches. It is a sinfully fun, pantomime drag show filled with sex, laughter and parody. It’s sure to be a whore of a good time.