March 29


Traedonya Releases Debut Single & EP

Up and coming Bronx based jazz and funk songstress released her first single “Another Lie” in February. The soulful single will also appear on her upcoming debut EP High Fructose Corn Syrup, due out this winter. The single has already picked up a tremendous amount of support in the Twitterverse and blogosphere. “The song is a funky/jazzy piece which features Traedonya’s lyrical acumen and live instrumentation that takes you back to another period in music,” says A.K Smith-Ford of Prohibition Entertainment.

TRAEDONYA! aka ”The Bride Of New Funk Hipopera” has been singing since childhood. Though raised on hip hop, the jazz trained singer gets her diversified funk from life experiences. Her single ”Beloved” was called Hipopera by the UK press due to her range of octaves and vocal styling.

“I am just a international party girl at heart.” says Traedonya.

Connect: @Traedonya on Twitter