Lisa Loeb Returns With a New Album & Appearance in Orlando

On May 9, 2015, the artist best known for her iconic glasses and acoustic coffeehouse sound, Lisa Loeb will perform her hits as well songs from her latest album 2013’s No Fairy Tale at Plaza Live Orlando.

Lisa Loeb’s highly anticipated return to the pop/rock world, after immersing herself in other projects, may be called No Fairy Tale, but it’s actually another charmed chapter of her storybook-like career which began in the mid-90’s. She emerged from the New York coffeehouse and club circuits with her trademark Grammy® nominated hit “Stay (I Missed You)”–the only artist (still) to ever have a number one Billboard pop single while not signed to a recording contract. The multi-talented singer/songwriter, inspired to work with co-producer Chad Gilbert, guitarist and founding member of rockers New Found Glory, stirs up a glorious pop/punk rock sound over the course of 12 tracks that are both coolly contemporary yet rough around the edges on her new musical declaration No Fairy Tale.

No Fairy Tale is rounded out with Loeb collaborating with other artists. These include the explosive new wave scorcher “Matches” (with Morgan Taylor); the raw garage rocker “Married” (with Chuck Wolverton), about the foolishness of being the other woman to a broken man in a bad marriage; and the stripped down, folky sad song “Ami, I’m Sorry,” which she wrote with Marvin Etzioni. Loeb and Gilbert wrote another of No Fairy Tale’s key tracks, the 80s new wave pop flavored “Walls,” which Loeb says was like “channeling Patty Smyth and a Molly Ringwald movie” at the same time.”