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For more than 10 years, Colby Keller has been the star of fantasies for many a gay man. Most know of his work on-screen, but most may not realize that art is his true passion. While attending Maryland Institute College of Art for his graduate degree, Keller began doing porn to support his art.

From film to blogger at Manhunt to being the subject of sculpture to his own penis blog, Keller’s taken his career to innovative new heights. Earlier this year, the prolific gay porn star, artist, writer, and intellectual announced he was selling all of his possessions and heading out on the road as part of an art experience titled “Colby Does America.” He explained that as part of this venture, he will be traveling with nothing but a van, a mattress, a few cameras, and film gay porn with the good people of North America.

On Saturday, September 13, fans will have the chance to meet – and maybe even get spanked by – the libidinous, bronze-hued bombshell during “Indecent Exxxposure.” This naughty night of debauchery will feature vendors, entertainment and, of course, your favorite porn stars.

I chatted with the 33 year old Texas native about his transition from artist to porn star, being a “sexpert,” and James Franco’s mom.

Erik Caban: First off, tell me about your appearance here in Orlando for “Indecent Exxxposure”? What will you be up to?
Colby Keller: I’m going to meet and spank fans! Woooooo!

Will this be your first time in Orlando?
I think I ended up here on a crazy acid trip with my buddy Ken Kesey once, but I don’t remember the details.

Going back a bit, what made you attracted to the porn industry?
I needed extra money ’cause I wasn’t making enough from my two other jobs at the time.

I see on your social media profiles, you list yourself as an “Artist,” among other things. Can you tell me more about your work?
I’m a visual artist. I paint mostly, but have done sculpture and played with mixed media.

Tell me more about your current project “Colby Does America.”
My amazing fans helped me to raise a boatload of money and I’m using it to make videos across America (and Canada) over the next year. I hope to do one video (or more) in all 50 states. 392953_123961221046262_1376859622_n

Are you still doing your “In Bed…” video series? Who, that you haven’t featured, would you like to see “in bed” with you on the web series?
That series with Manhunt Daily is still available on YouTube. In all I made over 50 advice videos and I still hear from lots of folks – librarians to 18 year old virgins – that they’re a great resource. I guess, since they are sex advice videos, I’d love to work Dan Savage or Dr. Ruth (is she still alive?).

You’ve obviously come a long way in your journey, but what would you say to readers who might be struggling in theirs?
Journeys aren’t over ’til the end so keep on keeping on!

I read in a previous interview that you’ve dealt with the difficulties of dating as an adult film actor. What would you say to readers who face hostility from friends or family because of who they are or the choices they’ve made?
It’s important to be true to yourself. If someone has a problem with you, you shouldn’t stress about it. There are 7 billion other people in the world to befriend and date and fuck, etc.

With that, are you dating anybody these days?
I don’t like to kiss and tell. I’d rather just bring my video camera along and share it with you. [Wink]

You’ve been in the adult film business for – let’s say – quite a few years. So, I’m sure you’ve seen it all. However, viewers, of course, only see the “perfect” end result of filming. I’m curious, what has been the most memorable thing that has happened on set(funny, embarrassing, awkward, strange, interesting, etc)?
[The] most memorable recently, was a shoot in Madrid and hanging out off set with Dato Foland, Paddy O’Brian and Gabriel Clark. They are all really great guys and we just had a blast being silly and having little adventures together off set. I kind of have a serious crush on one of them now. I’ll let you guess who.

How did you spend your last day off?
Well, I work a lot but when I relax I love watching movies and going hiking/camping. I recently got to backpack through West Virginia. Even though I was filming and doing a lot of work, it was quite beautiful and I really enjoyed myself.

Who’s your celebrity crush?
James Franco’s mom.

More info:
Who: Colby Keller
Where: Parliament House’s “Indecent Exxxposure”
When: Saturday, September 13, 10pm – 3am
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Website


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