After 20 Years, MyOptics, Inc. Closes

1913708_326617665583_1563500_nEarlier this month, MyOptics, Inc., the designer eyewear boutique, officially closed its doors. On July 3,  exactly 20 years to the day they opened their original location on Orange Avenue.

The closing comes with their lease end July 31 and after some personal setbacks in co-owner Peases’s life. He says that he will probably take a year off, then return to the industry part time.

“I am taking some time to work on settling up my parents estate,” Pease states.

Pease says that Dr. Rice is continuing on at a new location and that he will reveal details soon.

LGBT owners Dr. David Rice and Bill Pease have been a staple presence as well as pioneers in the Orlando gay and lesbian community. They were one of the first and longest running advertisers in the LGBT newspaper Watermark and one of the first and longest sponsors of the Central Florida Softball League.

Rumor has it that the property, located on the corner of Orange Avenue and Colonial Drive, adjacent to the Steel House apartments is going to be demolished and rebuilt as more high-rise housing.

If you still need to pick up any previously placed orders, contact Bill Pease at