The Queen Has Arrived: Belgian Pop-Star Aline Queen to Perform in Tampa

Aline crossuit1On the stiletto heels of her 2013 hit single “Princess Boy,” which celebrates gender bending and the LGBT community, model/singer/songwriter Aline Queen is back with yet another empowering epitaph. The infectious single “SuperFreak” speaks to freaks everywhere.

While it can be painful to be called a “freak” or different, being a “sexual freak” is seen as unique, exciting, or a mark of maturity and exploration. Queen’s single plays off of that, bringing new meaning to the word, encompassing everyone. “SuperFreak” demands that you live out loud. Don’t hide who you are. Embrace your identity.

“SuperFreak” is about empowerment. It’s about raising your freak flag high and shouting from the rooftop that being different, especially in today’s world, is not only OK but a reason to be loved just like anyone else. I’m a freak. So what?” she says.

Queen’s prolific background in classical music, fashion and years as a dominatrix, are evident in her approach to music. Because of her bold dance tracks, glam pop persona and provocative videos, she is akin to be the next Blondie, Madonna or Lady Gaga.

Before her upcoming appearance at G. Bar in Tampa July 12, I chatted with the Belgium-born bombshell about her start in music, her stage persona and – of course – sex.

What was the first big musical moment in your life?
[It was when] my mom giving me a CD player for my 10th birthday so I could listen to my own music. That’s when all my singing, dancing and creating started.

I read that you moved from Belgium to New York to pursue your music career.
New York City called me one day and said, “We need you here, Aline. People want you! Please come!” So, I obliged. [Laughs]

How do you describe your stage persona?
Outgoing. Out there. Engaging. [I love] making the audience part of the performance.

Your latest single “SuperFreak” is described as speaking to “freedom of sexual expression” and your way of speaking to those who feel different than the norm.
It’s not about sexual expression at all, but it could be, if it’s your way to feel free. It’s generally about realizing how beautiful you are even if you don’t feel like you fit in. It’s about freeing yourself and being yourself and letting people know who you really are. People will love you for being true to yourself, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s about universal love.

Your music, including last year’s “Princess Boy” speaks heavily to the LGBT community and explores a lot with gender identity. How would you identify your sexuality?
Right now, I’m actually asexual, to be honest. [I’m] keeping it that way for a while as I want to explore what life is without sex. I want to transform all my energy into creation and performances.

When I do meet someone and begin a relationship with that person, it would most likely be a man. So, I guess I’m a straight woman but I leave things open to anything. You never know what the universe wants you to experience from life.

Are you working on an EP or full length album? If so, can you tell me about that?
Yes, I am! I’m planning on releasing one next year! It’s going to be very exciting!

What’s something that you’re better at now than when you were younger?
Dancing. I worked a lot in my technique and I’m still working. It’s never ending learning and exploring, like anything. Also, I’m better at knowing myself and communicating with people in subtle ways.

What are your guilty pleasures?
I’m a perfectionist, so making things as perfect as they could be, even if it’s not necessary in a practical way, is one of my guilty pleasures… if ever it has to be guilty [Laughs]



More info:
Who: Aline Queen
Where: G. Bar, Tampa
When: Saturday, July 12, 10pm