One Hot Minute… with Katy Tiz


The “The Big Bang” songstress has exploded onto the charts with her catchy cover of Rock Mafia’s 2010 hit. The success didn’t come easy. Despite her hits “Famous” and “Red Cup” in 2012, she was dropped by her record label. Now at 26, the British-born comedian turned pop-star is enjoying a second chance thanks to Clear Channel/ iHeartRadio’s new-artist initiative.

After hearing Tiz’s collaboration with Rock Mafia, they immediately made her the first unsigned artist to be part of its “On the Verge” program. She subsequently secured a meeting with Atlantic Records and the rest is history.

Up next, Tiz is feverishly working on finishing up a full length album with a tour to follow. I chatted with the outspoken, cheeky songwriter about the upcoming album, her rise to fame and her affinity for Jim Carrey.


Erik Caban: You’ve been in the music business since – it looks like – 2012 and finally been getting major notoriety. What do you attribute that to?
Katy Tiz: The success I have had in the USA is all down to HUGE support from radio and amazing people that believe in me.

What made you want to do a version of Rock Mafia’s song?
The first verse really spoke to me! It’s the first song I’ve released that I haven’t co-written but after being released from my last label, I was introduced to Rock Mafia and everything just clicked!

Can you tell me more about the upcoming album? What can we expect?
My album will be a real piece of me. Everything is from the heart! [I’m] super excited and nervous about finishing it and handing you all my baby! [Laughs]

Who are your musical influences?
They are pretty vast! Everything from Stevie Wonder to Alicia Keys to John Legend to Katy Perry.

Did you team up with your brothers again to write anything on this upcoming album?
There are quite a few songs on the album with me and the fam! I love working with them – but don’t tell them I said that. [Laughs]

Is an upcoming tour in the works?
Not currently but trust me, I’m already annoying people about booking it! Performing is my favorite part of this whole process!

You know, with your high-energy, angst, pop sound, you’re bound to inherit legions of gay fans. Or have you noticed that already?
I’m just so bloody excited to have fans that are other my parents! [Laughs]

I read that growing up you wanted to be Jim Carrey. Have you had the opportunity to meet him yet?
No… I think I would have a proper fan girl moment and start quoting The Grinch.



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