8 Things Annoying Gay Men Do

227234_10150189647514153_1184052_n1.) Guys who take and post a daily selfie. (Extra douche points if they’re shirtless at the gym.) Honey, you’re not Rembrandt. Basic.

2.) Guys who ask you how you’re doing and once you begin telling them, they get distracted and/or completely cut you off in search of something shiny. “I’m sorry. Did you want the generic gay bar answer?” Why ask in the first place?! #FakeFriends

3.) Those who post word vomit, assassinating different people daily on social media. You know the ones. The post usually begins with, “Let me get on my soap box for a moment…” If that many people in your life are what you claim they are, either everyone’s an asshole or it’s you. Kvetch!

4.) Guys with no money who always want to go out yet have no money and will somehow manage to bilk others to pay for them. Letch!

5.) The ones that say they don’t smoke but then mooch cigarettes off of you all night and/or will proceed to pay you per cig. Granted, the latter is at least partially better but you end up with an empty pack earlier than you hoped. And let’s get real, by the fifth cigarette at – let’s say – $1 each, you could’ve bought your own damn pack.

6.) Guys who get drunk on the daily then want to hang on you and try to make out with you. Bar Queen.

7.) That guy who, despite all the social cues – blunt and polite – to the contrary, thinks he’s your friend and has to come up and say “hi” when they see you out and/or insist on attempting to hang out with you. Take a hint!



8.) That guy who gives you a compliment and you’re polite and say “thank you” takes that as a cue to grope you…or worse. Scumbag.