One Night of Queen | April 17 – 19


Gary Mullen didn’t set out to play the role of Freddie Mercury but when he won the most votes – impersonating the Queen frontman – on British reality show Stars in Their Eyes in 2000, the rest was history.

The Glasgow, Scotland native’s has been performing as Mercury with his five-piece band, The Works, performing their tribute production, “One Night of Queen” since 2002, rockin’ sold-out houses in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa and New Zealand. Mullen recreates and embodies the look, sound and showmanship of one of the greatest rock and LGBT icons of all time. Mercury was one of rock’s essential front men, thrilling crowds with his flamboyant stage persona and that staggering four-octave range. With some extra hair, a mustache, his natural voice and a band, Mullen truly carries on the legacy.

Gary Mullen and The Works will bring “One Night of Queen” to The Lakeland Center April 17, The Sunrise Theatre in Ft. Pierce April 18 and The Kravis Center for the Performing Arts in West Palm Beach April 19.

Erik: Since your show is based around the quintessential rock band, do you guys party like rock stars while on tour?
Gary Mullen: Not really, there are some party nights, but you couldn’t do it every night, you wouldn’t be able to perform to a high level every night.

Do you see a difference in American audiences vs. European audiences at your shows?
There isn’t a difference country to country, more city to city. Obviously some hits on one side of the pond weren’t hits on the other, so the set is adapted for this, you pick the big songs that audiences will love.

What is your favorite thing to do in the States that you can’t do anywhere else?
I go sightseeing a lot, but I do that in every country.

How do you feel about the upcoming Queen-Adam Lambert collaboration & tour?
I think it’s great that the tour is happening. Adam is a fantastic singer, and it gives new fans a chance to experience the music with two of the original members.

I saw that you once met Brian May[of Queen]. Were you ever offered the opportunity to perform with them?
No. I met him when they were doing the “Queen + Paul Rodgers” tour, so they had an amazing singer with them! It was great to meet him; he was such a nice guy.

You originally started off as a solo artist & released one album. Do you have any plans to release another original album?
The album was released when I was doing this. I’m looking into going back into the studio in the summer to work on another one. It was done as a fun project with my friend Barry Kelly and we will be booking some more time, and see what comes out of it.

Though you kick-started your career on a reality show, what do you think of the state of reality talent competitions these days?
I don’t like them today. It seems to be a “swinging door” policy, where the kids are thrust into the spotlight, and then are yesterday’s news very quickly, as the next bunch of contestants come through. It’s great when it works, and a career can be had, but it’s very difficult these days to have a long career.


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