Enter to win Scarlett Rabe’s Debut EP

Scarlett Rabe, classical piano prodigy turned soulful singer/songwriter, premiered her “Battle Cry” music video at marieclaire.com, from her debut EP, available now. Featuring honest lyrics tinged with sly wit, the anthemic “Battle Cry,” which will impact radio this spring, is an empowering and unapologetic proclamation. “We’re all waging a different battle,” explains Scarlett, “and whatever it might be, it takes immense courage to just love who you are. That never happens by accident. It takes strength and requires a fight.  This is our Battle Cry.” 

For your chance to win a copy of Scarlett, Comment below with “This is my battle cry.” Winners will be chosen at random, Saturday, March 22 at 12pm ET.


The first of eight children, Scarlett Rabe, (“Rabe” rhymes with “babe”), grew up in Arizona. Her parents prohibited television and pop culture and strictly enforced the classical arts, including 5-hours-a-day dedicated to piano practice – a meticulous routine that honed her craft and her artistry.

Now, “more rock than Rachmaninoff”, with a recently released EP and a million + Facebook fans, (many of whom she talks to regularly), Scarlett is well on her way to becoming one of music’s most multi-faceted artists. She has a passionate love of DIY fashion, is a self-proclaimed foodie and avid cook, rides motorcycles and can often be found wandering around the local hardware store dreaming up her next project. “I’m saving up for a compound miter saw… always in the middle of some crazy project…” she confesses.

But music is her first love and ultimate passion. Her early exposure to pop and rock music came from secretly stealing listens to the forbidden radio. She developed a love for artists who would eventually influence her musical style: from early singer-songwriters like Carole King through empowering artists like Tori Amos to modern storytellers like Feist and Regina Spektor. The fascinating result is a fusion of honest lyrics woven into captivating melodies that listeners can’t forget.

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