Taylor Dayne to Set the Floor on Fire: Dayne Performs at Parliament House October 5

Taylor HR 13

Photo by Stephen Ford

For more than 20 years, Taylor Dayne has been “telling it to” our gay hearts through hits like “Don’t Rush Me,” “Love Will Lead You Back,” and of course, “Tell It to My Heart.” Overall, she has had eighteen individual hit songs reach the top ten on the Billboard charts – including most recently, the 2011 hit “Floor on Fire” and the 2008 song “Beautiful.” She is currently working on remastering her Greatest Hits album, which will include a few new songs.

A longtime friend of the LGBT community, she continues to make sure her voice is also heard on LGBT issues. In July 2010, she released “Facing a Miracle“, the official theme song to the 2010 Gay Games. Dayne performed the song to an audience of 50,000 fans on July 31, 2010 in Cologne, Germany. It ended the year at No. 9 on Perfect Beat’s Top Worldwide Singles of 2010.

The legendary Dayne will be performing at Parliament House for one of the only two Official Pride After Parties. Prior to her Saturday, October 5 performance during the Pride parade and headlining appearance at Pride at Parliament House, Dayne talked with FireDownBelowOnline.com about her show, pride and her return to Broadway.

FireDownBelowOnline.com: What can fans expect with this performance? Surely, you’ll be performing some of your hits, but is there a song you wish you didn’t have to sing ever again?
Taylor Dayne: [Laughs] At this point in my career, I’m grateful to the fans and know they love what they know…but I wouldn’t mind never singing “Don’t Rush Me” ever again. [Laughs]

Seeing as though you’ll be here for Pride, what does “Pride” mean to you?
I’ve had the great opportunity to watch Prides throughout the world turn in and out to something so special shared through communities and [offer] awareness and through fun and music and celebration.

What would you say to our readers who face hostility from friends or family because of who they are?
At this point, people  grow up and see eventually that everyone faces their own demons within their own families and who they see in the mirror  everyday when they wake up. Some people are more evolved then others and I feel if its not hurting or harming anyone, be you.

 Most recently, you made your return to theatre in Cats. Most people know your work as a pop singer. Was theatre a big influence on you growing up?
Theatre was huge in my family, to the point where I was really  getting turned off to “the Broadway experience.”  It felt very commercialized  but gems would  always become realized and break through. I loved more off-Broadway projects and the experience, like Shakespeare in the Park, The Papp Theatre and  La Mama. What can I say? My parents love the theatre.

This was your first time doing theatre since performing in Aida in 2001. Did you find it difficult to go from being a recording artist to theatre again?
No, not really. If the part is right and the shoe fits…I was ready to take “Grizabella” on.

You’ve done film, television, stage and music. Do you have a preference?
I love singing live and I love recording a record and working with people who inspire me. The medium is ever-changing and it still stimulates me.

Do you listen to your contemporaries? Who do you like?
Oh yeah! I listen to pop, current top 40, or my DJ friends playing me new Avicci, which has crossed over to pop. Maxwell, Bad company, Joni Mitchell. Cat Stevens was King.

What advice would you offer to your younger colleagues?
Help me. [Laughs] Work hard – that’s what pays off.


More info:
Who: Taylor Dayne
Where: Parliament House Orlando
When: Saturday, October 5
Tickets: $12 at the door