Detox is Ready to Let Orlando Have It: Detox, Willam and Vicky Vox to Perform July 6 at PH


1064199_10200805735160184_1419843562_oAs in years past, Parliament House has a full roster of entertainment to celebrate Fourth of July weekend. This year’s entertainment extravaganza includes RuPaul‘s Drag Race fifth season contestant Alyssa Edwards, July 5 and Vicky Vox along with RuPaul’s Drag Racers Willam from season four and fifth season finalist Detox, July 6.

Performer and recording artist, Matthew Sanderson aka Detox Icunt was a fixture in the Orlando and Tampa Bay drag scene before jet-setting off to L.A. The outlandish and unmistakable beauty gained prominence on RuPaul’s Drag Race. A true show-stopper and scene-stealer, Detox was best known for her one-liners, including the infamous, “I’ve had it…officially!”

Last year, Detox teamed up with fellow drag performers Vicky Vox and Willam Belli, releasing the parody song of Wilson Phillips‘ “Hold On for One More Day.” “Chow Down at Chick-Fil-A” went on to be a huge internet sensation. Soon after, the trio followed up that success with “Boy is a Bottom,” a parody of “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys and most recently “Silicone,” a parody of Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own.”

Amidst a grueling travel and performing schedule, which includes Parliament House in Orlando, July 6 and a number of other dates in July throughout Florida, Detox made time to chat with me.

 Erik: I saw that you just performed at San Francisco Pride? Was this your first time headlining a Pride event?
Detox: No! I’ve been doing a ton lately but this was the first huge pride event DWV[Detox, Willam and Vicky] has done together! It was exhausting but so much fun! 

How did your collaboration with Vicky Vox and Willam come about?
Booze and weed! Plus we’ve been working together for years so it was kind of just this natural progression. 

What was it like returning to perform at The Flamingo Resort in St. Petersburg in December of last year?
Flamingo wasn’t around when I was there but I had a blast!

How has your life changed since being on the RuPaul’s Drag Race[RPDR]?
I don’t get to sleep as much! [Laughs] And I can’t go anywhere that sissies tend to hang out without getting recognized – and finally they don’t think I’m Chad Michaels anymore. Ha!

There have been a lot of Florida queens over the years of RPDR. RuPaul seems to have an affinity for our queens. Why do you think that is? Because we’re the shit! Florida has such a diverse drag scene that it leaves such a vast array of unique forms of drag to choose from. 

What was your favorite part/experience of being on RPDR? Why? Your least favorite part/experience?
Getting closer with Roxxxy and Alaska for sure. We’d been friends for years and the experience brought us all closer. My least favorite was probably being a viewer and not agreeing with production liberties. :Side Eye:

Where are you regularly performing these days?
Oh, my god – everywhere else except home in LA. I’m homesick. When I am home, you can catch me with The Dreamgirls Revue all over Southern California and at my own show “Pumped” at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood!

Tell me more about the upcoming Goddess cruise. What can guests expect?
From me? Debauchery, friendship and love! I’m so excited!

You’ve worked with the likes of Kesha and Rihanna. What was that like?
Surreal. When I first moved to L.A., things blew up for me so fast. It was so validating after trying to make it in Florida for so long. Rihanna was sweet as pie and her camp was so cool especially after doing [the video for] “S&M” years after. They still remembered me and were beyond accommodating. Kesh, I met doing her video for “Backstabber” before she blew up and we fell in love. Anytime I work with her it’s natural. I always forget she’s a big deal because she’s so grounded. Love that bitch! 

Do you currently hold any titles?
Miss Cock Sucker Alcoholic at Large, 1973…I was the last crowned. Ha! 

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Saturday July 6, 2013


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