Getting Back in The Saddle

Three dates, three downers.

Date #1:

227234_10150189647514153_1184052_nGetting out of my dating doldrums, I had agreed to be set up with an acquaintance of my best friend, Dan’s at Sidetrack. Hesitant, hoping for the best and expecting the worst, I still went. I walked up to see Dan standing next to an attractive, buff, brunette, with stunning green eyes. I smirked, surprised at Dan’s pick. As I got closer, the hottie walked away. Apparently, I had jumped the gun.

“Hey,” Dan welcomed. I waved as I chopped my way through the crowd. “O.K. So, this is Tim,” he displayed as a man came around from behind him.

Relief took over when an adorable, slim-built, brunette, with warm brown eyes reached out, “Hi. Tim,” he introduced.

“Erik,” I replied with a bit of pleasant shock in my voice. Almost immediately, I began my line of questioning. Although, a bit shy and reserved, I learned Tim was a successful business man working for a Fortune 500 wireless company, lived downtown, loved the Chicago White Sox and liked to write in his spare time. Asides from the sports thing, I was on board. The night went on pretty much without incident.

What better way to conclude the success of a fix up? I let him take me back to his condo. When I walked in, I was astounded at the space. Exquisitely designed custom furniture filled the rooms. There were 15 foot, floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the Mag Mile. I stood gazing. Before I could take in the view, I saw the reflection of Ted rushing up behind me naked before tossing me on the bed. He climbed on top of me and began stripping off my clothes. How could I argue with that?

He was very intense. I wondered how someone so reserved could have such…stamina in bed. As he threw my legs over his shoulders I thought, ‘Who cares?’ Before I could even get into enjoying one position, he would switch it up. “Let’s do it on the dresser!”

Then, he picked me up and slammed my back on the dresser top. “Now let’s do it in the doorway,” he moaned in between heavy breaths.

He picked me up and threw me against the door jam with my back arched towards him. “Now let’s do it in the chair!” He laid me down head first in a crescent shaped leather chair with my legs over his shoulders. Not the most comfortable position, I might add.

“Now against the window!” Huh? Before I could argue, my face was pressed against glass and he was thrusting into me. Albeit, it was kind of hot, I just couldn’t get into it out of sheer exhaustion and nervous contemplation of what he was going to do next. So, while he pounded away, I surveyed the street below, seeing if anyone was having a sale. You know – once I was done here...

Ooh, H & M! 

I was snapped out of my stupor when he began to come and grunted, “How do you like getting fucked over Michigan Avenue?! Yea!” It took all I had not to laugh.

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