First Crass: “Air Hostess” Pam Ann lands in Miami June 6 and 7

pam-ann24Brash, campy and politically incorrect, Pam Ann is the world’s most fierce, funny, faux flight attendant. “Pam Ann” is the air born alter-ego of Australian comedienne Caroline Reid, a gifted performer with a special place in her heart for the LGBT community. A wicked mixture of vamp, fabulousness and sky high insanity, Reid even took her comedy to new heights with a comedy sketch show The Pam Ann Show, which aired in Australia. She also appeared on the TV shows Project Runway UK and Britain’s Next Top Model.

Pam Ann will bring her smart, tongue-in-cheek take on air travel to Miami’s Colony Theater, June 6 and 7 in a new stand-up tour Cockpit. In it, the comedienne will premiere her spoof appearance on the – now grounded – ABC TV series, PAN AM. She will also present never‐before-seen in the USA, footage from her latest airline news channel.

Before touching down, I spoke to Reid in an exclusive interview about her latest plights with the airline industry, a possible return to television and being mistaken for a drag queen.

ERIK: Tell me about the show you’re doing here in Miami?
CAROLINE REID: Pam Ann will take you on a raucous journey from check-in to security to boarding to – hopefully – landing. Along the way, she pokes fun at air travel, the quirks of some of the biggest international airlines and some of the stereotypes commonly held about flight attendants everywhere.

How did the character of Pam Ann come about?
I was dressed as a 1960’s Pan Am air hostess at my James Bond themed birthday party. James Bond only flew Pan Am. During the night, as my friends got more and more drunk they started calling me Pan Am and when you say it over and over after 16 vodkas it sounded like “Pam Ann.” That was the day Pam Ann was born – out of a vodka bottle.

Before comedy, were you ever actually a flight attendant?
Never but I always loved the idea of becoming a flight attendant so I could get off the island of Australia and see the world.

Even though you skewer the flight attendant industry, deep down, you  have a real affection for airline folks and what they go through, right?
I love the airline industry and care a lot about cabin crew globally and what they have to go through and deal with on a daily basis. I say what they would like to say so hopefully they see me as their voice especially when it comes to asshole passengers.

How do you describe “Pam Ann?”
She’s a take-no-prisoners kind of girl, she says it how it is. Some would say she verbally abuses people but she thinks she is doing them a favor. Flying is her life; she’s hugely competitive; she works hard and parties hard.

So, I have to ask, where do you get Pam Ann’s outfits?
For this current tour, the costumes are created by myself in collaboration with NY based designer Garo Sparo.

Is there anything glamorous about air travel anymore?
Yes, if you’re up the front in the pointy end.

What are some of the latest calamities plaguing the airline industry?
Low cost carriers and passengers who don’t wear shoes.

Who’s your latest guilty pleasure celebrity train wreck?
I’m looking forward to Lindsay Lohan dying – what a great reality show that will be.

Do you have any plans to return to television?
I would love to but easier said than done especially with the new Lindsay Lohan reality show coming soon.

What’s your favorite destination?
New York City it’s my home and the best city in the world.

You joke about being a drag queen. Have you yet to see a “Pam Ann” drag queen? If so, can you tell me about it?
Yes I’ve seen a few. They crack me up. It’s a huge compliment for me and they always have much better legs than me.

What do you attribute your large gay fan base to?
I’m a gay man at heart.

You clearly have an affinity for your gay fans. You’re a very outspoken through your shows and an advocate for gay rights.
Hell yea! My gays come first before anything in my life. If you want to be in my life you have to support gay rights.

More Info:
Who: Pam Ann
Where: The Colony Theater, Miami


Photos Courtesy of Project Publicity