Fringe Review: God is a Scottish Drag Queen

What if God was a hairy-legged, barefoot, Scottish drag-queen comedian in a floral business suit with a drinking problem? Writer and performer Michael Delamont answers that question with God is a Scottish Drag Queen.  

Think Mrs. Doubtfire crossed with Dame Edna. In this original, side-splitting stand-up act, you’ll learn that God has a biting wit and a power suit from the 80’s.

“It’s nice,” He brags. “It has shoulder pads.”

“God” offers his view on everything from Handel to gay people. For example, who knew God is a nerd who loves Star Wars?

While the material could be risky, Delamont knows his religion and the show is less mocking and simply satirical – allowing us to laugh at ourselves. Think morals with a bite. Smart but edgy.

“This show’s gonna get weird,” he says at one point.

You’ll go away with some dance moves and the meaning to life. Spoiler: It’s not what you think.