Fringe Review: Circle

In this touching, raw look at real-life relationships, Christel Bartelse (Significant Me) and Bob Brader expertly portray four characters each in eight duets that truly comes full-circle.

Circle is a daisy chain of open relationships, affairs, BDSM, sexuality, babies and lies that is funny, poignant, and honest.

While the chemistry between the characters being portrayed is flawed, Brader and Bartelse are consummately in-sync. Brader, especially, truly engulfs each character, including a reluctant amateur leather-daddy who still manages to come off as awkwardly sexy. Yes, I’ll even go as far to say, he’s my Orlando Fringe crush. Bartelse also shines in the scene, when after “Phil” won’t discipline her,  proceeds to throw herself on the floor wailing, effectively frustrated.

The two deft performers even enact the brazen impersonality behind date and hook-up chatting online in a blunt but comical sexually-charged conversation.

At the end of this unconstrained depiction , you learn – in essence – that everyone gets screwed.