Fringe Review: A Field Guide To The Gays

Biting, Ballsy and illuminative, A Field Guide to the Gays is a true class act. Professor Logan Donahoo offers a class in Gay 101 with a lot of heart and a lot of “T.” Writer and performer Donahoo serves up a literal salad bar of gay-dom.

It’s a history lesson, a vocabulary lesson, it’s interactive and even answers questions like, “What’s a Disney gay?”, “What’s a glitterbag?”, “How do you twerk?”  and “What does “cleaning your kitchen,” mean?” Donahoo even reveals how to “Evacuate the Dancefloor” in three easy steps! Not sure what that means? You’ll learn.

While humorous, informative and animated, a disturbing “tranimal” segment seemed to come out of left field and stray for too long.

The main lesson you should take away? Knowledge is power. For tickets, click here.