Fringe Review: Miss Inner Beauty

With Miss Inner Beauty, Writer/Director Sheli Nathan-Miller makes her Fringe debut, bringing you into the pun-filled pageant world of three inner-beautiful women. Contestants are judged on the beauty they have way, way…way deep down. “These beauties have been working their inner tushies off,” listless personality-less host Sheli says. The three unique ladies include Josefina, who loves her “homo gay son,” Sally, who lives with her mother and her “friend” Gina, and Marsha, whose talent includes reading hair aura. In this audience-interactive experience, contestants are judged on things like talent, cause and personality, even taking questions from the audience. Even the most obscure questions didn’t cause her to lose character – true irrepressible improv. Nathan-Miller is impressively industrious, masterfully transitioning between five characters. Josefina is said to be based on Associate Producer, AJ Prats’ mother. Marsha Ann Marlbrowitz – who resides in Boca and  loves her cigs and men – and I were separated at birth. Who will win the crown? Get your tickets to find out.