Fringe Review: 4 Truths & a Lie

Since 2010, this sketch has been charming and delighting audiences. In this abridged version of the hit L.A. show, five storytellers are asked to tell a short story from their lives based on a theme given them. The catch: one of the storytellers is lying through their pretty little teeth. At the end of the show, the audience takes a vote and we find out which person was fibbing. Ever-changing, you never know what to expect each performance. Andrea Kearns (Obsessively OK) hosts this enrapturing group of rotating guest storytellers – even taking time to share a tale herself. Her charm and wit round out her gift for the anecdotal. On the flip side, with such convincing chronicles, it’s difficult to not ponder the state of the personal lives of these panelists and how far the stories stretch.